Get the help you need to use Planning Center Products the best way to fit your church, allowing you to minister to your congregation better.

Church Management Tools That Fit Your Ministry

Our role is to put feet to your God-given vision for your ministry through tools that will encourage and equip you and not make you feel boxed in with cumbersome systems.


Administrative, communication and system tools should give you freedom to disciple and minister to people, not stress you out or become an idol in your ministry.

Systems That Allows Your Team To Stack Hands

It is important to never allow your systems to become idols in your ministry replacing the Great Commission.  They should always be used in practical ways for your team to communicate clearly with one another and to prevent important things from falling through the cracks.

Help With Implementation Strategy & Target Dates

We will work with you by asking a few key questions about your church vision, purpose and mission in addition to what your needs are to help you do ministry more effectively and to mobilize your church to live out the Great Commission.


It can be overwhelming to translate the plan and vision that God has planted into your heart into a practical step by step plan of putting one foot in front of the other. We can help by putting the overall picture of what God is doing through your ministry into actionable steps that your team can follow without becoming overwhelmed.


We will then take your vision and create team member workflows and job descriptions that allow your team to work together as co-laborers to reach your community for Christ.

You can schedule one on one training or team virtual training.
You can schedule one on one training, team or volunteer training.
You can also schedule combo training that includes communication and leadership training.
We can set your system up completely for you, offering a turn key system that comes with training so that your team can start using it right away. We also offer continuing support for a period of time to help your team feel comfortable in using their Planning Center Tools.
This is the best option for church plants, churches going to staff changes and those who need additional staff but are not at a point where they can hire someone full time with benefits. You save money by not having to pay benefits, worker compensation, overtime and you can cancel your contract with us at any time.


Myself and my team would like to help you breathe a little easier by hearing your vision for your ministry and fitting tools and systems to activate that vision. We want to listen to your heart for ministry and set up your system to put “feet” to it.

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