Online Notary Instructions for Notarize Platform

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What to Expect During Your Remote Online Notarization with TN Professional & Notary Services

What You’ll Need Before You Start

  • U.S. social security number

  • Government-issued photo ID*

  • Valid email address

  • A device with audio/video capabilities.**

*Be sure to confirm the type of ID needed with the issuer of the documents.
**Windows or Mac computer with a webcam using a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
** Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch) using the Notarize app.
**Android Mobile device (tablet or smartphone) using the Notarize app.

Step by Step Guide to Notarize Your Documents Online

Start your session 15 minutes early

You will receive an email from an @notarize domain indicating that a document needs notarization. Click on "View Documents" to begin the signing process at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Create or Sign in to Your Notarize Account

You will be directed to a Notarize log in screen and prompted to create an account or enter password for an existing account.

Review Your Documents

On the welcome screen, you will a preview of the document. Click "Get it Notarized." You will then be asked to confirm your name as it appears on your government ID and then review your documents.

Test Your Tech

We will ask for access to our microphone and camera, and we give you the tools to check that they work properly. We automatically check your internet connection to ensure call integrity .

Verify Your Indentity

We use (but never retain) your personal information to reference third-party public records databases in order to create five security questioned tailored to you. You will have two minutes to answer four out of five questions correctly. You will then capture the front and back of a government-issued photo ID. These security measures are required by law in an effort to deter fraud.

Connect with Your Notary

When ready, click "Let's Get Started" to move into an online waiting room. You'll wait here for the notary to pick up your call.

Pay Your Notary with WaveApps Link

You should have received a link to pay via text and/or via email. Your notary can also resend to you while on the Notarization Video Call.

Complete Your Notarization

Once you connect, the notary will walk you through the process of reviewing and singing your documents online instead of in-person. Then, you're done, and you have immediate access to your notarized documents.

What Happens Next?

Need to retrieve your documents?

Check your inbox for an email to access your documents. YOu can also log into your Notarize account to access your completed documents anytime.

We Are Here to Help!

We offer prescheduled online notary appointments only.
       Mon - Fri: 7am-9 pm
       Saturday: 10am- 9pm
       Sunday: Call For Times
To schedule online notary appointments within 2 hours, please call, text or email us.

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